Enhance your property with hardscaping

Like icing on a cake, hardscaping is the final touch that turns a project into a work of art. Barber’s Fresh Meadow Nursery has been providing hardscaping and paving services to clients for over 20 years. We specialize in custom designs and can work with new or existing construction.

Dream big

Hardscaping invites you to add a whole new dimension to your yard. Want a patio and grilling area to entertain friends? Or a new surround for your swimming pool? How about a custom walkway through your gardens? Or just a nice edge around your flowers beds? Our team can handle all that and more.

Think out of the box

Today, pavers come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. From soft colors to bold designs, pavers can add a big impact or a small touch. You can achieve a smooth sleek look or a more rustic interpretation just by the type of pavers you use. The only limit is your imagination. Picture transforming your property into an instant oasis with a patio, path, bench, custom planters and more—all with hardscaping! 

Functionality counts

Pavers are a wonderful way to take a part of your yard and transform it into an outside room. Stacked pavers can add a bench or resting point. Walkways can transition one place of the yard to the other. A patio can be a welcoming point for guests, or even an outdoor dining room. Barber’s can make sure your landscaping and hardscaping work together beautifully.