Maintain the beauty of your property 

Your yard and landscaping are a big part of your investment in your home. So, why not take care of it with our landscape maintenance service?

Barber’s Fresh Meadow Nursery can take care of your entire outdoor space or just a part of it. Whether you need help with mowing, mulch or mulberry trees, we’ve got it covered.

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Plants and shrubs

After your grass and lawn, the largest area of landscape maintenance is your plants and shrubs. With our landscape maintenance service, we’ll check your planting areas and replace shrubs that have seen better days. Our team can also plant fresh annuals for the spring, summer and fall seasons.

Making sure that there’s plenty of mulch to keep weeds away and contain moisture is important to keeping your planting beds looking good. Barber’s can take care of weeds so they won’t have a chance to come back. And we can add mulch when needed, or put on a fresh layer every season.

We can also prepare your landscape for the winter by cutting back plants and shrubs so they stay healthy until the spring. Finally, we can feed and fertilize your planting areas to make them bloom and grow year after year.

Patios, walkways and driveways

Checking for cracks, weeds and loose stones is just part of landscape maintenance. We’ll also make sure that your patio, pool surround, walkway or driveway is in top shape year-round. If there’s any work to be done, we’ll recommend the steps necessary to bring it back to its original beauty.

Planning for the next season

Another important part of landscape maintenance is planning. Thinking ahead to what the season will bring not only keeps your property looking great, but may save you time and money. Barber’s will make sure your landscape is ready for the heat of summer or the chill of winter. Ask us about our seasonal checklist!