Ready for next season’s blooms? 

During the spring season, there’s always talk about spring-cleaning your home. But did you know that yards, lawns and landscaping needs a spring-cleaning and fall clean-up too? Spring lawn care, as well as fall lawn care is essential to make sure you enjoy your yard all year long.


Here’s just an example of what Barber’s Fresh Meadow Nursery can do to get your yard ready for spring:

General debris removal Over the winter, leaves, pinecones, branches and even litter and animal nests find their way into your landscaping. We’ll do a thorough job making sure that all this gets pulled out and taken away so your yard is ready for spring flowers.

Flower bed preparation Established beds might need pruning to get rid of dead stalks, leaves and anything that didn’t survive the winter. If you'd like new flower beds or some annuals, we can do that too!

Lawn maintenance Spring is the perfect time to start treating for pests and weeds. The team from Barber’s will first give your lawn a good raking and remove any thatch that will cause your grass to struggle in the growing season. Then, we will us use the proper pesticide formulas to make sure that your lawn stays weed and pest free. We’ll also start feeding your lawn with the right organic fertilizer so you can enjoy thick, green grass all summer long.

Shrub pruning Most shrubs can be pruned or shaped in the spring. Barber’s can trim your shrubs so they stay healthy, and replace any shrubs that might have died over the winter. 


Barber’s can also help with fall lawn care:

Lawn feeding and watering— Getting nutrients to your grass is essential for its health during the coming winter months. We can apply the right food for your area, as well as preventative weed control. And don’t forget water. Barber’s can show you how a sprinkler system should be maintained so it doesn’t freeze during the winter.

Aeration and seeding— Early fall is a great time to plant new grass. Seed will be able to establish itself through out the season and be ready to really take off when spring finally rolls around. Let Barber’s aerate your lawn, seed and feed for beautiful results.

Divide plants and ready beds for winter— Did you know that some roses need special care in our Jersey winters so they’ll flower in the spring? Or that some ornamental grasses do better when they’re cut back? Barber’s plant experts can help by prepping your flower beds, ornamental grasses and shrubs for the winter months. 

Contact us today to learn more about our Spring Lawn Care and Fall Lawn Care packages to get your home ready for the season.