Maintain your yard with a sprinkler system

Taking care of your lawn and garden investment with a sprinkler system installation is money well spent. A sprinkler system makes sure that all the work that has been put into your property is protected and your yard keeps looking its best year after year. And, a watering system can actually be good for the environment while sparing you the worry and bother of watering in your spare time.

We design, install and maintain sprinklers

Barber’s Fresh Meadow Nursery can design a sprinkler system installation to keep your lawn and plantings in great shape. With the combination of our landscaping and sprinkler knowledge, we can pay close attention to the areas that may need extra water such as shrubs, flowerbeds or trees.

Design of a watering and irrigation system is important. Targeting large grassy areas with the proper type of equipment and flowerbeds or shrubbery with a specifically designed plan can maximize the benefits of a sprinkler system while conserving water. Barber’s knows which timers and accessories to use to keep your lawn and landscaping looking green.

There are also smaller sprinkler system installations available or plant beds, shrubs and new plantings that will deliver water right to the root system for the greatest effect. Our experts know which types of sprayers, nozzles and tubing will work best for your landscaping. And our technicians will explain how to program your system and of course, deliver great service after the sale and installation. 

Environmentally sound

Protecting natural resources and saving water is a topic close to our hearts. Many sprinkler systems and irrigation plans can actually be more ecologically sound than hand watering with a hose. With programmable timers, water and moisture sensors and even high-level sensors that work with local weather data, you can set and forget your system.

Barber’s uses the latest products and up-to-date technology. We can even install a controller for the watering system can be located in your house or garage. These “brains” for the system can be reprogrammed for seasonal effectiveness.

Let Barber’s experienced staff will walk you through the benefits of a lawn and garden sprinkler system that is right for your situation. Contact us today for more information.