Keeping it green

One of our most popular services is our lawn maintenance business. This includes ongoing lawn work like mowing, trimming, pest control, weed control, and fertilizer application.

Because we’ve been working in this area for over 40 years, Barber’s understands how to care for lawns in south Jersey area and know what it takes to keep them green and healthy. 


There’s more to lawn maintenance than just owning a truck and a lawn mower. Understanding how to mow correctly and the best time to mow is critical to keeping your lawn in top shape. We have the experience and knowledge to do things right. Barber’s crew can assess your needs and cut your lawn for optimum lushness and beauty year-round.

Trimming and edging

There’s nothing quite as nice as looking at a freshly trimmed lawn. Let Barber’s keep the edges, sidewalks and flowerbeds grass free while maintaining a look your neighbors might envy.


Whether you need some new grass due to landscaping or building, or you just need some over-seeding to strengthen your lawn, we can help. We’ll determine exactly what type of grass your need, then apply and water it for maximum growth.

Fertilizer and weed control

Maintaining a bright green, weed-free lawn requires the right maintenance at the right time. Plus, it needs to be cared for on a regular schedule. We’ll use our experience to make sure that your lawn is fed with the proper formulas through the year, and utilize various weed control

Pest control

From grubs to moles, pests can really destroy a lawn. That’s why Barber’s believe in taking care of pests even before they start. And if you already have a problem, we have the tactics to take care of them once and for all.

A beautiful property, year after year

Our lawn care and property maintenance works just like insurance – it’s there to protect your landscaping investment, whether new or existing, while leaving the heavy lifting to us.

Why not look into our ongoing lawn maintenance services today?